Thursday, February 25, 2010


I spent all day thinking about restarting this blog, and writing, and other worthy endeavors, and here I was about to go to bed without having written a single word. Shame and ignominy. That said, there isn't much to say about today, so I'll leave you with a silly little scene I just thought up. It's a drabble (a 100-word piece of fiction), and I'll call it "Everyone Needs a Hero":

Anna leaned forward. Her eyebrow arched in anticipation. She had waited a lifetime to say this.

"No, Mr. Smith. I expect you to die."

The laugh broke through Smith's fear. He doubled over, guffawing so hard his chains jangled. "Really? You finally have me captured, I'm standing helpless in front of you, and all you have for me is a tired old Bond line? Christ, and I thought you were-"

He didn't even scream as he fell. Anna leaned back and puffed her cigar, immensely satisfied.

One of the trapdoor's hinges squeaked. She would have to remember to fix that.