Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kate Beaton

I've been reading through Hark! A Vagrant, and I think you should too, because Kate Beaton is wonderful and I'm fairly certain that I want to be her. This particular offering of hers never fails to make me lol.

EDIT: More Kate Beaton, specifically, the Pope comix, because I love JPII also.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Doug's

Tall, Dark and Awkward and I went to Hot Doug's last Friday. He had never been, and I've made it my mission to broaden his palate with gourmet deliciousness of my own making and others'. I particularly wanted to go for the chardonnay and jalapeno rattlesnake sausage, with spicy guava mayonnaise and moody blue cheese. I am proud to say that the mission was successful, and I can now add rattlesnake to the list of animals that are delicious.

The line was surprisingly long for a Friday afternoon, and it was hot outside. I didn't mind too much - the line didn't extend past the end of the building, so we were standing in the shade. TDA had a bit of a hunger headache, though, so the wait was a bit fraught. "Doug," I thought, "whatever he orders had better be outrageously delicious, or he will probably dump me for making him do this." Fortunately, Doug came through for me. TDA had the smoked duck sausage with cherry mustard and goat cheese. He ploughed through it pretty fast, so I didn't get a chance to taste it - maybe I'll get him to do a guest post about it. My rattlesnake sausage was superb. For those who are unfamiliar, rattlesnake is a pinkish meat - it looks kind of like undercooked chicken, and tastes a bit meatier than frog. I didn't really get much of the chardonnay flavor, but the jalapenos did add a pleasant kick to the whole thing. The guava mayonnaise was tangy and sweet, and the blue cheese added a tartness that balanced the other flavors nicely. Moody blue was a good choice, I think, as it's not so strong as to overpower the flavor of the meat. This particular sausage is still on the menu, so I'd highly recommend giving it a shot if you're in the area. I'm headed out to Hot Doug's again this Friday with one Mr. Nick Simmons, so I'll have more to report on soon.