Friday, December 10, 2010

First Taste: more Cupcakes

I had an appointment downtown at 9am today. Before I went in, I checked Twitter and saw that the more cupcakes truck (website, Twitter) was only a couple blocks away, parked near Christkindlmarket. Since I'm not often downtown, and the food trucks that I so wistfully follow rarely make it out to Hyde Park, I knew I had to jump on this chance. I crossed my fingers and hoped they would still be there in an hour.

I left 25 East Washington and headed west to Clark and Washington. I passed Christkindlmarket, just waking up for the day - nothing was open, unfortunately, but I did stop to look at some of the window displays and to savor the smells of currywurst, baked apples, and fruit fritters. I found a store which sells glass pickle ornaments - a German must for a Christmas tree, for those of you not in the know. I made plans to return when the stores were open and bustling.

Then, there - on the southwest corner of the intersection - a van with a display window in its side, and an awning propped open. Inside stood an attractive, friendly young guy who, based on the tea in my hand, recommended that I go for the salted caramel over the red velvet. There were thirteen flavors in the truck today, and I probably could have tried something more exotic, but I wanted to see how more managed a familiar flavor. I handed over my cash (about $3.50) and he handed me back a green-labelled takeout box, curiously hefty.

I got home and plunked the box on the kitchen table for immediate investigation.

I felt no remorse as I tore into the cute little package, revealing a gorgeous mini cake suspended in the center.

It was taller than I expected when I pulled it out...

...and the cake a lighter color.

Oh, well - nothing left to do but take a bite.

As you can see, there was an oozy pocket of caramel in the center of this gorgeous cupcake. It had soaked slightly into the surrounding cake, as well, adding a creamy texture and that lovely, almost smoky toffee flavor to every bite. The amount and sweetness of the frosting was, to my taste, exactly right. I could still get my mouth around the majority of the cupcake, and the frosting tasted like a lightly sweetened whipped cream. The cake itself was fairly sweet, which is fine, but the texture was a bit stiff and spongy. This may be for purposes of practicality; I love dense, moist, melty cake, which I imagine doesn't travel terribly well. This cake's crumb was airy and open, but strong.

In short: great caramel flavor, not too sweet, spongy crumb. B+

EDIT: It occurred to me that maybe my problems with the cake were just because the cupcake was on the chilly side, having sat out in an open van and then carried around outside and then eaten a mere five minutes after I got home. I'll have to try one at the storefront for comparison (this is my disappointed face).

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